Premier’s Spelling Bee

Stanmore Public School Premier’s Spelling Bee 2019

On the 9th September 2019 two students from Stanmore and other students from 36 schools in the Inner West and City region came together at McCallums Hill Public School for the NSW regional final of the Premier’s Spelling Bee.

Representing Stanmore Public School were Phineas in Year 3, and Alannah in Year 4.

“I was nervous at first, but when things got underway I started to relax. For me, the three trickiest words were dungarees, genomes, and pneumonia. However, it was spelling pneumonia that got me there so I didn’t have too much trouble. It was just a matter of remembering.”

Phineas M

Alannah commented that she got out on the word “assistant”. Phineas came 3rd and Alannah came 9th overall.

Congratulations to all involved.

By Phineas M, 3/4/5M

Premier’s Spelling Bee
Phineas M at the Premier’s Spelling Bee 2019

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