LFH Plans Term 2 Week 4

Stanmore Public School Learning From Home Plans

In Term 2, the labels ‘essential’ and ‘optional’ were added to Learning From Home Plans, to help families prioritise tasks and ease the stress and workload some were feeling. However as a result many students, particularly in the older year levels, are not attempting any of the tasks labelled ‘optional’ at all.

So from next week, the labels ‘essential’ and ‘optional’ are being removed from the LFHPs. As all subjects on the LFHP are part of the curriculum and are highly valued, we would like to encourage all students, who have the time and capabilities, to complete all tasks where possible.

We believe this fits with Stanmore Public School’s philosophy of educating the whole child, and recognises the hard work of our specialist teachers in preparing online lessons and resources. If your child is genuinely having trouble getting through everything, please make literacy and numeracy activities a priority. Thank you in advance.

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