Changes to the opportunity class placement process for 2020 Year 4 students

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The 2021 Year 5 opportunity class placement process was put on hold in April 2020 due to COVID-19. We now have a revised and simplified timeline for the OC placement process to ensure that students and families can have certainty about their placement as soon as possible.

New date for online applications: Parents must apply online between 9 June 2020 and 26 June 2020. Late applications cannot be accepted.

New test date: Wednesday 16 September 2020.

A CareMonkey form (Intention to apply for Year 5 entry to an opportunity class in 2021) was sent out to all Year 4 families on Tuesday. If you intend to apply for OC placement for your Year 4 child, please complete the CareMonkey form, and apply online on or after 9 June. 

To ensure fair and consistent assessment of students across New South Wales, students will be offered places based only on their test results this year – there will be no school assessment scores. There will also be no opportunity for appeals given the tight timeframes.

For more information and to access the application site, go to:

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General Information

Find out about key dates in the placement process for Year 5 entry in 2021.

Year 5 entry to an opportunity class in 2021

The Opportunity Class Placement Test has been rescheduled to Wednesday 16 September 2020. Due to the postponed test, changes have been made to the placement process for this year only to ensure students are placed in Year 5 opportunity classes as early in 2021 as possible. Refer to the fact sheet for information about these changes.

Applications will open on Tuesday 9 June 2020 and close on Friday 26 June 2020. Parents will be able to apply from this web page at that time.

Parents are requested to read Applying for Year 5 entry to an opportunity class in 2021 before lodging an application.

Parents are advised to ensure an application is submitted by the closing date for their child to be eligible to sit the placement test. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Review of Selective Education Access

In December 2018, the NSW Minister for Education, Rob Stokes, announced the findings of the Review of Selective Education Access. For more information, see Review of Selective Education Access: Findings and Action Plan.

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