Bright Eye Cup

Stanmore Public School Bright Eye Cup 2019
Stanmore Public School student at the Bright Eye Cup 2019

Bright Eye Cup “Hello Mandarin” Recitation Competition 2nd round was held in UTS on Sunday the 9th of June.

Congratulations to Cloe G (4H) who has made it to the final! Good luck for the 30th of June in UTS for her final!

Congratulations to Addison X (2V) who has entered into the 2nd round of Bright Eye Cup “Hello Mandarin” Recitation Competition. In the first round, Addison recited a Chinese poem (“Spring”) that describes the colourful and joyful nature during the spring time. In the second round held at UTS on 9th June 2019 (last Sunday), Addison recited another Chinese poem (“family”) that praises the peace and love of family, in front of 25 other student participants in the same age group, their families and three judges. Although Addy won’t go to the final round of the competition, she will bring her recitation performance to a big show in early August – “Angels Reading” Cup Children’s Story Reading Show. After this experience, Addison has now started to like and enjoy reciting Chinese poems and performing in front of people. A big thank you to Ms. Ji who has encouraged Addison and guided her through the whole process. Also thanks to the Stanmore Public School for encouraging students in art and languages which allows Addison and many other students to learn Chinese and enjoy the achievements of Chinese culture and arts.

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